Dynamic Web Design

Dynamic websites are ideal for companies offering products or services that may change with time. On dynamic websites the information can be updated by the site admin without any technical expertise. Dynamic sites are database driven.

Dynamic sites on the other hand are created as the user views the site. In most cases this requires the use of a database, which contains the site's information, and some kind of scripting setup that is programmed to retrieve the information from the database.

How the script functions depends on many factors that I will not get into here, but the essential thing to understand is that each webpage is not a separate file but is created when a user performs some activity. For the marketer, the creation of new pages or updates to existing pages is done by either making adjustments to information in the database or, when it comes to the site's visual presentation, may mean adjustments to one or a few template pages. For those involved in online marketing and who do a lot of site updating there is little question that the flexibility and time savings offered by dynamic sites is the way to go.

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