Flash Animation

Binary Clouds offers custom flash design and is a foremost flash web design company offering a full variety of flash development services which comprise high end dynamic flash web design, interactive flash animation design, flash intros, flash tutorials, flash banners, flash websites & flash presentations with sound effects integrated. Not only do we create breathtaking flash web sites but we are one of those few companies that also builds back end systems to power them.

Shockwave Director technology

Flash is an authoring tool for animated multimedia both on and off the web. It is today the most widely accepted technology for creating fully interactive real-time animation's on the Web. The most amazing thing about Flash animation technology is its low bandwidth requirements.

From 2D character animation to exciting corporate presentations - we carry along a proven specialty in developing light-weight yet detailed Flash animations. If you've typed for Flash animation development India, or say, Flash animation design India, here we are - your partner for anything that touches to a requirement of Flash animation development. Below gives a detail of our ability to provide comprehensive solution for you.

We use a variety of technologies for creating flash presentations and similar solutions like:

  • Swift 3D and 3D Max for rendering 3d elements and animation
  • Sound Forge
  • Adobe Premiere for video optimization - Macromedia Flash MX and Director
  • ActionScript and XML for data exchange
  • Swish
  • Animated logos and animated banner ads
  • Flash intro's for web pages

Quick file downloads:

Flash file size requirements are extremely low due to its use of vector art as compared to bit-mapped art used in Shockwave and animated GIF's. Vector art uses geometry to define shapes and colors rather than bitmapped art which is defined by coloring each individual pixel (represented by a group of data bits) in a user-defined fixed sized matrix (often called a "raster"). Programs such as Photoshop, Painter, and your scanner software use bitmap graphics.