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Just a click, enter into exchange your ideas through our "Binary bulk SMS software" with your clients, business contacts, friends, family and etc.

In this software we are facilitate that you can exchange your information simultaneously to your group of clients, friends, family members and your smart business world contacts through excel importing option.

In addition, you can include templates, phone book and groups.

To get world communication in your hand, you just connect your PC and GSM phone.

PC to Binary bulk SMS software enables you to sending the text message to a group of selected or individual recipients around the world.

Binary Bulk SMS software facilitates user to import the contact numbers from phonebook /excel importing option or enter the contacts manually and send a group of people without requiring any internet gateway.

  • Marketing
  • Business Clients
  • SMS alerts
  • Universities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Job alerts
  • Office Employees
  • Family, Friends, Relatives
  • Ad campaigning
  • Business Services
Benefits :

We can provide low cost messaging service and cheapest way for advertising.

Our binary bulk SMS is one of the best tool for SMS marketing, publicity and mobile marketing.

Group texting in an organization is the best way to keep your employee/staff informed and updated about the events, and etc.

Fast and reliable bulk SMS push service enables you to communicate unlimited user at one click.

Sending online bulk SMS using desktop or PC with help of internet is the easiest way of mobile advertisement.


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